Real Estate Astrology – What It Is and Is Not

Before we dive into The technical facets of astrology and precisely how the science works, we first have to set the record straight about precisely what astrology is and what it is not, as there are many misconceptions about this science which will need to be put to rest. Hopefully this report will have the ability to do precisely that. Astrology, as a belief, is a science which basically connects your outer world into your internal world to show the abilities that you have as a human being. This is not to say that the consequences of astrology are complete. Just because someone has an astrological chart that shows he will be a terrific leader of people does not mean that this will inevitably come to pass. This is where free will comes into play.

Astrological Influences are like small strings that tug on each individual. Just how much influence these strings have on you depends upon your strength of will, or in the case of many people, lack of strength of will. By way of instance, Astrological influences may lead to someone to come up with an addictive personality which will be more prone to problems such as addictions to alcohol, drugs, gambling or a range of other things. How likely that individual is to really become an addict depends a whole lot on their own free will and strength of will. This does not minimize the astrological influences, which might be quite powerful, but what it does is put them into perspective in that they are not absolute. Free will is always the best decider. You may combat the influences, good or bad, or you could give into them.

Real Estate Astrologe

Where astrology comes into play is similar to this. It is not hard to predict, using real estate astrology, which you are going to get significant changes come into your life at home. Maybe outside forces beyond your control will force certain changes. By way of instance, forces may indicate that your house is in some sort of danger, possibly from fire or storm or perhaps even by a break-in. Where free will comes in is the way you handle this information. You can opt to ignore it and possibly have your home get hit by a falling tree, or you can take precautions to prevent it which might include moving. Ultimately what you opt to do in response to this foreseen issue is what will ultimately determine the final outcome.

Now in the case of using your free will to wait to see what happens, some people would say that you are doing nothing that could be true. If that is the case the normal reaction to what happens is that it was destiny. This might also be true. However, in either case, whatever you are supposed to learn from these astrological forces, you have learned.